Great prices on RS232, RS422, RS485 Isolation products for short haul modems, interface converters, and more.


Our Isolation product line uses Opto Isolators to provide protection from ground loops, high voltage and noise. Isolation is an important consideration if a system uses different power sources, has noisy signals or must operate at different ground potentials. Check out our interface converters, isolated line drivers, optically isolated link extenders and more.

Opto Isolators


Model 268 RS-232 Opto Isolation Module - Power Stealing,  DB25, 500 VAC
Model 9268 RS-232 Opto Isolation Module, DB9, 2500 VAC
Short Haul Modems/Line Drivers
Model 72A Optically Isolated Line Driver - 4 Wire, Powered
Interface Converters
Model 245 RS-232 to RS-422/RS-485 Optically Isolated, 2 or 4 Wire, to 128KBPS
Model 265 RS-232 to RS-422 Optically Isolated Interface Converter

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