Model 8277 Specifications  

Optical connectors: ST

Power out: +15 DBW (32 microWatts) into 62.5/125 um core/clad fiber

Power Budget: 12 Db

Wavelength: 850 nm, multi-mode

Mode: switch selectable, master/slave, point to point, DTE/DCE

Electrical Interface: Selectable to RS-232, RS-485 or RS-422

Indicators: 4 LED's - LTD, FTD, RD, COL

Data Rate: 0 to 1 MBPS

Electrical Connector: DB9 female

Power: +12 Volts DC @ 500 mA.

Size: 3" W x 4.5" H x .89" D (76 mm x 114 mm x 21 mm)
The Pin assignment for the RS-232 connector complies with the PC Com port.


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